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Kiss My Southern Sass was founded in late March of 2012 by a sassy, southern student at the University of Georgia. After a very busy and successful first year operating out of a small college apartment, Kiss My Southern Sass moved it's shipping and operations to a warehouse above the Mason Dixon line in Traverse Ciy, Michigan. The original founder of KMSS is still studying at University of Georgia and living in the same apartment where it all began.   

From expanding to in-store retail for the very first time to specially outfitting the Kentucky Derby Royal Court, 2013  proved to be an exciting time of growth for Kiss My Southern Sass. In 2013 alone, orders shipped to each and every one of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, the UK, Australia, and many others. By the end of 2013, Kiss My Southern Sass had grown by 75%. 

In 2014, the founder of Kiss My Southern Sass was featured on CBS by The Bethenny Show as a "college-preneur". 

Keep checking back for more updates on Kiss My Southern Sass! 

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